If I Can Not Fly , Let Me Sing

Kelsey Rodriguez. 19. In love; forever. Singer. Dreamer & Believer. I'm a Gleek like no other. My life is all kinds of messed up but I continue to smile because that's all I can do. This is real, this is me.
Oh & Lea Michele is my inspiration, she's perfection.

I’m really missing my sister today. I can’t wait till she comes home from BMT in May. I can’t wait until she comes back and we can have our Sunday adventures to Kingston, our Red Ginger dinners, our random photo shoots, singing moments, etc. I have so much planned out for when she comes home. I really can’t wait.
These five months are flying by but feel like they are taking forever as well.

Lea Michele - You're Mine

Lea Michele - You’re Mine

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LOUDER Release Dates


Battlefield: Dec. 28, 2013
Louder: Jan. 14, 2014
What is love?: Jan. 28, 2014
You’re mine: Feb. 11, 2014
On my way: Feb. 25, 2014

The rest are listed as available March 4, 2014.

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I just saw that James Avery just passed away and all I could think of was this scene from Fresh Prince. The ending moment between Will and Uncle Phil was unscripted and it shows how caring and loving James Avery was towards the people he interacted with. Judge Phillip Banks was the first positive black male role model I saw on TV (other than Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable…) and I want to post this in tribute. Mr. Avery, thank you for being a part of my childhood and you will be sorely missed.

I will cry on this scene forever

Gives me Thor chills every time.

I live by this scene, Rest In peace.

Lea Michele - Battlefield

Battlefield (Full Song)

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No Surrender


Make You Feel My Love



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This is just sad. Sad that I keep trying. Sad that you read all of this and can’t even say anything. Such a coward. Such a deadbeat. I can’t take this heartache anymore.


Sad, depressed black and white advice blog  ♡


Sad, depressed black and white advice blog  ♡

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